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Formerly Job Futures

Sydney Disability Employment

Access Disability Job Agencies in Sydney

With our dedicated job support services, you will have access to a wide support network and valuable job opportunities, which will see you transition into gainful employment. We are a community-focused organisation, dedicated to supporting Australia’s most disadvantaged. By enabling people with disabilities to find and retain employment, we strive to dispel the social inequalities and biases that often arise as a result of disability.

Disability employment that empowers the candidate with valuable skills and support

We partner directly with you to assess your key skills and passions in order to source jobs that align directly with your abilities, while giving you a chance to develop a career. Through every step, from applying and interviewing, to accepting the job and your first months, our services are designed to support you and your individual needs. Our primary focus is to help you gain and keep employment.

We help remove barriers to employment by connecting jobseekers with training and education to develop the vocational skills they need in their chosen field. We also provide soft skills training, to help with things like interviewing techniques and resume writing.

Typically speaking, the most valuable tool in the job search is an extensive network. That said, a network of potential connections to job opportunities is one of the hardest tools to create; it is often a long-term effort. Because CoAct is a network of employment services providers located across Australia, any relationships we foster with national employers can be shared across the network, providing unique employment opportunities for jobseekers.  

Our job agencies assist in all levels of disability employment

CoAct works with stakeholders at every level of the process, to ensure a multifaceted approach to employment support. From the employee themselves, to carers, families and companies, we assist everyone involved throughout the process. After all, support networks are large and varied and require support at all levels in order to succeed.

Speak to our friendly staff in our Sydney head office

Working across Sydney and wider New South Wales, we are available to discuss our community support and disability employment services.

We are available via telephone and email to answer any questions, hear from potential clients, or begin job applicants on their search. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Let us co-design a street-wise solution for your organisation that addresses your business needs and brings opportunities to your community.

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