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Evidencing success

Ernst & Young have a broad range of expertise, experience, and methodologies that can enable CoAct to tell the story of how member organisations benefit from being a part of a network. Through the use of methodologies such as 'Network Analysis' and EY's 'Total Value Framework', are reporting on the value that is created through the CoAct model.

Initial findings highlight that value is created from being part of a collaborative network: from member activities; the network and; CoAct.

Member Activities:

The value created both by member activities which are supported by CoAct and the value derived from their continued operation of local organisations (including the provision of other services and flow on benefits).

Network Effects:

The value derived through interaction within a network of service providers, including the adaptability and flexibility provided by collective capacity; collaborative arrangements which enable members to combine resources; and access to shared knowledge and experience in a non-competitive environment.


The value derived from CoAct's collaborative arrangements that enable the development of shared infrastructure, expertise and resources, allowing members to retain their focus and independence while achieving increased cost effectiveness.

Each of these domains creates value in distinct ways, for a range of stakeholders. However, value creation in one domain reinforced value creation in the others, resulting in synergies between CoAct, members and the network.

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