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How transferring Employment Services Provider helped Jason* find his path

How transferring Employment Services Provider helped Jason* find his path

Jason*, aged 20, was transferred to Youth ProjectsTransition to Work (TTW) from an Employment Services Provider. Jason wanted to become a Chef. The problem was that nothing much had happened for Jason during his time with the Employment Service Provider. He was happily surprised to find the team at Youth Projects were more than a little different to his previous experience.

"I wasn't just being herded in the door to fill out paperwork, which is how it’s been in the past,"  Jason said. "Other places just made me feel like I was being processed, rather than being treated like an individual."

The Youth Projects’ Youth Employment Coach, Michael, realised Jason’s biggest barrier to work was self-confidence and he needed some skills to help him to reach out to prospective employers. Together they worked through strategies to overcome his lack of confidence and developed some practical strategies for approaching prospective employers. For example, they worked out five key questions to ask an employer and Jason was encouraged to canvass five employers before his next appointment at Youth Projects.

The very next day Jason called to say he had an interview with an employer,  The Panama Dining Room, and he was offered a work trial.

“I realised that by just rehearsing and making the commitment to start to cold canvass that anything is possible! I would like to thank Michael, my Transitions Coach at Youth Projects, for the confidence in me to believe in myself and what I can achieve”

Jason successfully passed the work trial and commenced a full-time Chef apprenticeship!

*Not client name or photo.

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