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Formerly Job Futures

Services to our members


Increase your returns to the community
Our in-house software team is constantly working to deliver new and innovative tools that allow you to see at a glance what's happening in your business.

Contractual compliance
Gain the support, information and training required to meet government program funding guidelines.

Business advisers
Access to our business advisers who understand all of your business and assist you to implement strategies to drive sustainability.

Performance managers
Our performance managers assist to drive performance that helps more clients, more often.

Access new business opportunities
Our professional tender writers and strategists work with you to write winning tenders.

Innovation funnels
With member organisations all working on improving their delivery, innovation is nurtured on the ground. When there's a breakthrough, it's shared across the network to improve and strengthen your business.

Relationships that count
Connect with other members who work in similar fields to you and share connections and ideas at conferences, online forums and local events.

National connections
With a team working on building connections with national projects, employers and funders, this allows you to connect as a large, national provider would.

Totally resourced
Our up-to-date resource library is based on best practice ensuring you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Our online and specially-designed courses help develop your staff into the best in the industry.

Be empowered to influence industry and government
We actively participate in peak body groups and are perfectly placed to ensure your voice is heard on important matters.

Have a compelling and unique offer for government
CoAct provides government with one point of contact combined with the efficiencies and systems of a large national organisation. However, we still foster the innovation, responsiveness and long-established connections of local community organisations.

Let us co-design a street-wise solution for your organisation that addresses your business needs and brings opportunities to your community.

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