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Formerly Job Futures

A model with freedom


CoAct may be the head contractor for program services but our unique model lets members retain their identity and independence.

Maintain your identity

All our members have their own strong identity and brand, with some members being in their communities for over 100 years.

Our aim is to respect your identity, but unite all our members' brands into one powerful collective voice.

A strong, local flavour

Our adaptable structure gives us a dynamic chemistry and a focus on innovation. Something which centralised or structured organisations can rarely achieve.

Members know their unique community, what works for them and that one size doesn't fit all. But CoAct's national reach allows us to share our knowledge through the network. If it works in Perth, it might work in Brisbane - and it's our job to see if it does.

Hear some of our members talk about the benefits of membership

Let us co-design a street-wise solution for your organisation that addresses your business needs and brings opportunities to your community.

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