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Formerly Job Futures


Local Employers


The CoAct network is made up of members who are embedded in the social fabric of their communities and who work daily with local business to solve their workforce needs.

Local employers' needs can differ from large national companies. Our experience reveals that small business owners are time-poor and often have limited resources to develop a recruitment strategy or conduct workforce planning.

We support local business with a full suite of recruitment services to help build a strong workforce pipeline. We can train and provide your business with relevantly skilled, committed and capable employees.

Our strength is in scoping and predicting employment and training needs ahead of time, and following up with a range of support HR functions post-placement. By working in close partnership we can find the staff you need quickly and efficiently.

We can help employers:

  • Assess future staffing requirements
  • Scope and deliver training and development needs
  • Write job descriptions
  • Candidate screening and short listing support to help match appropriately skilled job seekers with your job opportunities
  • Facilitate and host interviews and inductions
  • Arrange work experience opportunities. This allows for directly involvement in developing on-the-job training and skills that job seekers need in the business.
  • Pre and post placement support for job seekers and employers
  • Access to wage subsidies to help support jobs for people who have not worked for a while, or to employ a mature age job seeker
  • Access relevant government initiatives and incentives.


Let us co-design a street-wise solution for your organisation that addresses your business needs and brings opportunities to your community.

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