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Formerly Job Futures


A smart way to develop your workforce development pipeline


In 2014, CoAct accessed for employers:

  • Almost $8 million in subsidies to help drive employment
  • $6 million for training courses, books and equipment
  • $2 million in wage subsidies.

This effectively mitigates the financial risk of employing Our procedures create permanent, stable employment solutions by applying the following methodologies:

  1. Effective Assessments - Our Turning Point Assessment seeks to determine the most suitable time to deliver an intervention (e.g. counselling or training) based on an Applied Psychological Assessment to understand job seekers' attitudes towards readiness for employment. This targeted approach brings results.
  2. Maintaining Engagement - Historically, CoAct has consistently outperformed the JSA provider average for minimum contacts with clients during contract performance periods. We know the stronger the engagement the more quickly people address barriers and achieve employment.
  3. Leadership Program - Skilled site leaders are key to effective delivery of employment services. We invest heavily in the professional development of our leaders. Job Futures received National Workforce Development Funding for our Leadership Program which delivers a Diploma in Employment Services. The program was part of a strategy to address the needs of our emerging leaders in what has become a demanding environment.
  4. Online Learning Tools - Staff have 24 hour access to industry training through Turning Point, our online learning resource, with 1,175 resources to date that includes webinars and online tools.
  5. Research & Innovation Team - CoAct runs a research program which includes reviews of international and Australian best practice, stakeholder feedback, and encourages sector collaboration on pilot projects. It also identifies partnerships for research to drive continuous improvement and innovation. An example is our partnership with the University of Sydney, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Wollongong for the study into how formal and informal networks affect employment outcomes for the long-term and youth unemployed. This work is funded under the Australian Research Council Linkage Grants.

Let us co-design a street-wise solution for your organisation that addresses your business needs and brings opportunities to your community.

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