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Disability Employment Brisbane

Effective and Welcoming Disability Job Agencies in Brisbane and Across Australia

Finding employment can be a difficult and daunting task without an effective support network. It can be difficult to know how to navigate the employment market, or how to use your personal skills to your advantage.

It is our aim to help activate communities and transform lives by helping people with disabilities find and retain employment.

Whether you’re transitioning from the education system, or have experienced a change to your personal circumstances, finding the right disability employment support can be difficult. CoAct’s network of disability employment services providers can help connect you with a job and provide you with ongoing support to help you retain employment.

What do our disability employment services involve?

At CoAct, we aim to bridge the gap between the individual and the jobs market by drawing on our vast repositories of resources and experience.

Through our network of disability employment services providers, we help job seekers find employment by linking them with vocational and non-vocational services. We focus on getting to know each individual and their personal circumstances. In addition to employment services, we deliver a wide-range of complementary support services to help you overcome any personal barriers blocking your entry into the job market.

We support you on your journey to find employment by identifying your interests and job requirements, and providing pathways into training and education to equip you with job-ready skills.

Further to the training, our employment services assist with:

  • Preparation for the job search, including learning interview skills and writing applications and CVs
  • Personal support and mentoring when you first start the job
  • Obtaining workplace modifications specific to your impairment

Because we are a network of community-based, not-for-profit employment services providers, we also aim to support the sustainable development of the communities in which we work, to ensure their future growth. As Australia’s oldest social franchise, we redirect 90% of our profits back into the community. This positive cyclical approach aims to sustain the network well into the future, to assist even more jobseekers.

Contact CoAct to connect with our disability job agencies

To begin your search, contact our office for employment opportunities in Brisbane or Queensland on 1800 078 233.

Let us co-design a street-wise solution for your organisation that addresses your business needs and brings opportunities to your community.

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