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Formerly Job Futures


Our history

We started out in 1997 in response to a dramatic shift in the way community services were delivered in Australia. It was a time when the delivery of public employment programs was outsourced, creating a competitive rather than collaborative environment.

Our beliefs

Unemployment and disadvantage can have a devastating impact on people's lives. It affects not just the individual but their families and the wider community. As social disengagement becomes long-term, its impact becomes far-reaching, often affecting the prospects of the following generations and in turn their families and communities.

How we CoAct

You can't find someone a job if they're living in a car. Service delivery needs to integrate across the silos of employment, housing and other community services if we're going to create sustainable transformations.

Our value

We have a reputation for finding new ways to help the most disadvantaged. It might be that we learn that Indigenous job seekers experience a higher success rate when they are a paired with a mentor.


Check out our range of publications that give you an in depth understanding of the background and performance of CoAct (formerly Job Futures).

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